The Boss Restaurant Review… NAH!

The Boss Restaurant 大班餐廳餅店 on Urbanspoon

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Came here with a friend for lunch.  I am surprised there are always line ups here.  A old chinese lady tried to budge in front of us.  Quite shockingly…the host actually cared and took us in first!  Service was fast…and like a typical chinese restaurant.  I think they were rushing for us to get out because as soon as we finished eating, the waitress placed the bill on our table.  Yes, I guess we should leave because there was a line up.  IS THIS THE ONLY CHINESE RESTAURANT IN BURNABY?  LOL.  Well I guess it’s this or Flaming Wok in the food court.  The food was okay….did I mention I got stomachache’s the past two times I was here?  I think they cook it too oily.  My fried rice was decent, but I could tell again, lots of oil.  I didn’t finish it.

Final verdict?  I don’t think I will ever come here if it weren’t for my friend’s choice in restaurant.  THIS IS MY LAST CHOICE.  I think i prefer even the food court times 10 rather than come here.


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