Bistro Sakana… YAY! (Yaletown/Downtown Vancouver)

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I went here last week with a girlfriend who heard great things about this place!  They have dine out at night so if you are interested and in yaletown – check it out!  You definitely may want to make a reservation as when we got in at 11:30am (opening time), by 11:50am…the place was filled (it also isn’t very big).  And it was a weekday too!  I really loved how everything was so fresh, and how their lunch menus are so healthy and not obese in size.  You really are getting an appropriate amount of food for human consumption.   LOL.  yes – that sounds funny…but how many times have we gone to sushi places where the box can feed like 3 people?  I felt like the chef really thought about “what is the appropriate amount of food for a person?  And how much fresh food do I need to prepare for them?”.  At first, I was a bit disappointed by the portion, but after finishing everything…I was satisfied and comfortably full!

Didn’t have food coma!  YAY!

Service was relatively quick and happy…and the really cool thing I noticed was that the sushi chefs were both women!  My first time seeing that EVER.

Final verdict?  Hmm.. I think I would come back again to try the dinner as it seemed like they had a few more interesting things that I want to try.  Don’t get me wrong, lunch was good…but I don’t see myself craving for it like other places (i.e.:  MATOI)  …especially when it comes to lunch boxes 😉  I would recommend coming here for a light, healthy, and satisfying lunch 🙂


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