Sushi Mori (Coquitlam) …YAY!

Sushi Mori on Urbanspoon

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The place was quite quiet when we got here, probably because it was just opening but I was surprised when we were done…it was still pretty quiet.  I have been here once a year ever since they opened.  I must say it seems like their menus are always changing.  Not sure I ever liked what they served before as I remember it being a bit pricey…but NOW….finally…. they have lunch boxes, lunch menus, and an assortment of special rolls that doesn’t cost as much as they once did.

The decor and atmosphere is great too !  They still have the pretty trees which I loved since they opened.  But now they also have these more private dividers which is great because I feel like I can have a somewhat more private conversation with friends.

Service was standard.  Since it wasn’t busy, waitresses were quick and helpful.

Food was great and I enjoyed the lunch box I ordered.  We ordered some aburi nigiri which was standard tasting.  Next time, I will be more adventurous and try their rolls.  They had some tasty sounding ones, that also comes in half size!

Final verdict?  Definitely will be back again!  Next time perhaps for dinner so I don’t get tempted to order from their lunch menus😉

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