Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge…YAY! (Dineout Vancouver)

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We managed to find a spot for 5:00pm!  WOOHOO !


Bread – I was not impressed as I feel if you are going to serve bread as a “starter”, it should be as good as what’s to come.  So yes…I was pretty choked that this did not taste as fresh, and the butter was just a stick.  How do you spread stick butter on cold bread?!


Thankfully – the soup was delicious…versus….


Jeff’s salad.  LOL.  He was regretful in not choosing my delicious woodland mushroom soup.


Okay…this is the most succulent duck I have ever had in Vancouver.  (Maybe not in the whole world…but for sure in Vancouver) Although I hate lentils, I didn’t mind it so much with the duck.  The skin was so flavourful and the meat is soooo juicy!


Again, not impressed with Jeff’s choice of dish.  Haha!


We added a mushroom risotto and it was phenomenal.  I could really taste the mushrooms, wine, and cheese.  A lot of restaurants make risottos that either hasn’t cooked their rice enough, or pack it with loads of cheese which overpowers the flavour!


We both ordered the apple/raspberry crumble.  AMAZING.  I haven’t had such a good crumble in a longggg time.  I think the last one I had that was really good was in Seattle somewhere.

Final verdict?  One of the better dine out menu’s I ever had!  Really enjoyed this and am planning to come back in the future for some French dining even after the dine out promotion is over.:)  My mother in law likes French food so I’ll be sure to bring her here in the future!

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