Anton’s Pasta Bar (Burnaby) Review …YAY!

Anton's Pasta Bar on Urbanspoon




Got here on a Saturday night around 5:30pm and waited til almost 7:30pm in line!  I was a little bit grumpy because the lady in front of me was coughing a lot, and I was worried I would get something from her.  And then when we finally got to wait indoor and a bunch of these young’ens behind us started squishing inside even though it was obvious there was not enough room.  So obvious that when people were trying to leave Anton’s, the people behind had to STEP OUT for them to exit.

Thank goodness when we sat down, the waitress was super bubbly and nice.  And I felt calm…and hungry.  Food was great, but DAMN!  I could eat one plate over a course of 3 separate meals.  So much food!  And yes… although I was stuffed.  I had to have a tiramisu.  That was a huge slab.  But it was soooo yummy.  I have had my share of tiramisu and I must say this is one of the best ones I had.  Great price too!

Final verdict?  Of course I will be back.  But maybe not for a while ….  I have had enough pasta to last me another few months.  LOL.  Pasta craving is satisfied for now!


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