Mexico, Puerto Vallarta -Dreams Resort and Spa: FOOD (Part 3)

okay! In no specific order…here we GOOOoooooooOOOOO…


we mostly ate at the buffet everyday because they changed dishes everyday, every meal.  This is one of the dessert areas.


Bread….quite yummy but filling.



Kids menu.  I guess the kids liked it.  Pizza and hotdogs. lol!  Very simply made.





Dessert – The mango cake was okay – but the other bread cake and flan was not good.  Flan felt like it was out all day.  wwwww




Fruit galore, I loved eating this because they had these yogurts on the side that you can dip your fruits in.  There was this one crazy yogurt they made that tasted like YOP and lots of berries in it.  So addicting.






Customize your fried rice!  I didn’t finish mine.  First of all, I strongly believe the only rice that can be used for fried rice is CHINESE RICE.  So yes – this just tasted wrong.  I absolutely cannot stand Uncle Ben’s rice…and this is what it tasted like.






Breakfast buffet – loved it.  So much choices of the usual western breakfast.  The only thing that was really strange to me was the fried banana that was caramelized.  Mexican dish.  Not for me even though I love bananas.





More breakfast – see that crazy toast? it has a egg in it!!



one of my many breakfast plate!



Another breakfast plate.  By the way, the juices here are amazing.  I’m sure it’s not fully fresh and organic, but at least it’s somewhat.  Soooo refreshing.




Okay – this was at a outdoor-ish restaurant by the pool.  One of the appys.  Tasted like frozen shrimp that was defrosted and had tomato sauce poured on it.  NO GOOD.



Yummy guacomole.  Except – the flies that were hovering around non stop was really a turn off eating this.






Not bad – a bit spicy for me.  But not bad!


A standard caesar salad and happy me!



Delicious fish tacos that everyone kept coming back for.


Fancy restaurant that we went one night.





It’s so beautiful and romantic.  Seriously, I was in awe with all these lantern lights and the view (which I forgot to take) was beautiful.  Just the ocean and beach.


Some decor around the restaurant.  Oh and I didn’t take any pics because the lighting was terrible.


I didn’t get to try this Japanese restaurant.  But I saw the menu.  It’s not really sashimi / sushi.  It’s more like teriyaki and chinese food.  Really cool looking restaurant – but not cool looking menu.


THIS WAS THE BEST!!!  CHURROS AND THIS CREAM CAKE.  BUT THE CHURROS WAS AMAZING. AND THE FRIED THING BESIDE IT COVERED WITH THE SAME THING AS CHURROS. Sorry for typing in caps.  but i love churros.  And yes…. they did well with this one. SOOO GOOOD.  I think best Churros I ever ate.


A final breakfast.  If you come to this resort – YOU MUST DRINK THIS GREEN JUICE.  It is the most amazing juice ever.  And they said its full of greens.  I forgot there was a green veggie I definitely don’t eat, and it’s in there.  But I couldn’t even taste it.  😦 I remember making a note of what was in it, but I lost the note.  If anyone goes – please comment and tell me.  Thanks 😉


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