Mexico, Puerto Vallarta -Playa del Carmen (Part 2)

On the third day we took a trip to Playa del Carmen

I was thinking it’s some sort of theme park or something…but turns out – it’s a little town!  Catered especially for tourists.

“Originally a small fishing town, tourism to Playa del Carmen began with the passenger ferry service to Cozumel, an island across the Cozumel Channel and world famous scuba diving destination.” – wiki


I really enjoyed walking around here.  But only where the more Mexico cultural shops and areas were.  There was a block of american branded stores towards the end, and suddenly I felt like I was at the premium outlet.  LOL.  I just love to stare at the handmade items….


I’m horrible at knitting – so I was really amazed at this.  And all those designs stitched into the clothes.


And these beautiful lanterns.  HANDMADE AGAIN?!




Lots of groups of mexican men trying to sell you things, buy tourists tickets for who knows where, and to get taxis for you.  They are so aggressive, it’s a little bit scary at times.  So make sure you walk in groups.


a little park we passed by.


BEAUTIFUL church.  I’m sad I didn’t go in now that I think about it.  But it was really beautiful.  And looked almost like a Greek orthodox church.




more restaurants…but we didn’t eat anything.  It’s hard to eat when you live at a all inclusive resort with food and drinks 24/7.  LOL  and you don’t have to pay !!!  


I think i made these paper crafts in elementary school before too.


some random stores… I don’t know what I was taking here.


Here is the ferry dock to cross to Cozumel.  A friend of ours says its much, much cheaper over there.  BUT…not as much things to do.  Known for it’s scuba diving!


I want to learn how to paint these.


Just so amazed at the intricate and delicate patterns.


Oh…forgot to post this with the front of the church.  This is the back of the church.


Oh! And by the park, there is some vendors selling fruit.  I tried this powder that you sprinkle on food and fruit, and it was soooo weird. Tasted kinda sour, with a hint of spice.  And then I was so siao, I still bought it a few days after -_-”  for souvenir.  But just last week, I threw it out…cause I never going to use.


Sweet lady who let us try foreign fruits, and the sprinkle.  I was too scared to try because…I have a phobia of street and market food. Too many bad experiences.




and more….




and more!  That concludes my trip for Playa del Carmen.  I also bought a blanket for my friend who loves those throws for her bed/sofa.  She bought one in Yaletown for $65, and I bought one in Mexico for $15.

The end!

(TBC…Food in Dreams Puerto Vallarta.  WARNING:  lots of food pics to come!)


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