Mexico, Puerto Vallarta – Dreams Resort & Spa Review (Part I)


wooo…my first entry about travelling.  I actually do not like to travel very much.  I absolutely hate flying.  Something about the smell in the air of an airplane just makes me feel queasy.  I take a lot of gravol to stay calm.  Came here for a wedding and we stayed for 5 nights.


Lobby area…waiting to check in.


Our room.  Not bad…over looks the adults only pool and also the dolphin pool.


This is the adult’s only pool.


This is the “Everybody” allowed – aka.  TONS OF KIDS pool.  I didn’t once go in.  I bet you tons of kids pee in it each day.  -_-“


Once upon a time, I met a nail esthetician who told me to guess her age.  I guessed 21, and she told me she was 45.  😮  I asked her for her secret …her answer was… “never to sun tan, or just stand there exposed to direct sun”.  Therefore, my sun tanning days are over !  Here I am hiding under a nice palm tree.


beautiful view… Love the trees and huts!


here is the dolphin pool I was talking about. You can pay and get rides on them!  Sounds crazy fun.  Too bad I couldn’t go… just not enough time!  And…mother nature was here.  BOO 😦


Entrance of a lounge/club.  VERY SMALL.  I noticed there were a lot of young, and then a lot of older adults.  But everyone got along.  I guess it’s Mexico.  Everyone just wants to have fun!


The lovely hut!  I think it looks so romantic ~  this is where the wedding ceremony takes place!


Then one night we went to watch this amazing show.  I loveeee watching other cultures talents.  My favourite was this rope man.  He could make the rope come alive !


I also loved the women dancers costumes.  Absolutely beautiful colours and patterns!


went to the spa – and it was …..nasty.  The price turned out to be okay as they gave us some sort of credit voucher.  BUT – definitely not up to the standards you would expect at a FIVE STAR resort.  I went in for a massage and pedicure.  When I got there, the lady tried to make it seem like the massage was with this candle oil, and when I said “sure, that’s fine”, she replied “okay! then I will add $80 to your bill”.  and then I was like “WHOAAAA……..”.  Anyways, made her just give me whatever was the normal oil.

Got to the locker to change into robes, and the robe was just all tousled and stuffed into the corner of my locker.  DEFINITELY did not look new.  My friend even told me not to use it.  I asked for a new one, and they gave me a new one, without apologizing or anything.  Then got into my room, and lifted the sheets to get ready to hop in.  The masseuse saw me pause and stare at the two black footprints and reassured me the bed was new, and it’s just old stains.  OKAY….very five star.  She left the room, I got in and jumped back out.  There was SAND IN THE BED.  Totally ruined my mood now.  I ran out and told her to change it.  No apologies… just changed it.  DISGUSTED.  How can I say the massage and pedicure was good now?  I’m already bias, so I guess don’t ask me. lol.


on the happier note, lots of chairs for you to lie down, and loved the towel service and waitresses taking orders for drinks.  Downside – must tip every time they come back with something.


and then eek….tropical rain hits for several hours.  It was REALLY UGLY as you can tell.

Next post:  Playa del Carmen …tbc….


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