Rant about a recent online purchase with Graft Concepts (WATCH OUT FOR PURCHASING STUFF FROM THEM)

Okay – I am an avid online shopper.  I understand about the possibility of having to pay for custom taxes and what now.  Am I over reacting?!



So my brother wanted this case from Graft Concept – I paid full price for it (even though I saw that it had a crazy 50% off sale on Cyber Monday – and today…a 15% off sale).  I paid:

1x Leverage i5 for iPhone 5/5S – Black / Matte for $39.95 each

Subtotal  : $39.95 USD
Shipping  : $24.18 USD
Total     : $64.13 USD

Yes – shipping was  $24.18.  BUT ITS OKAY – for my brother and a “good product” – i don’t mind.  My brother just kept ranting how good it was.  Looks nice don’t it?  Anyways, ordered a week before Christmas, and it came just in time which was fantastic.  Christmas day came – and my brother was ecstatic.  Opened present – put it on.  Tried to put on the case, and it wouldn’t close shut.  OH GREAT.  Hateeeeee that. But it’s cool.  It’s Christmas – I will be merry and positive.

Contacted Graft Concept with a video and they sent a new case just two days ago.  OH and also just a few days ago – I got a weird mail from FEDEX telling me that they helped me pay $5 of custom tax so the parcel could be delivered.  AND they are asking me to pay $10 advancement fee.  Is this fair?  Obviously I paid the money owing – but I think it’s pretty damn shitty that Graft Concept chose Fedex as the only option of shipping and charged $20 bucks for the shipping.  Oh – did I mention…this case is pretty freaking light?!  I don’t know why its $20 bucks in the first place.  And $5 custom tax is understandable.  But to be stuck with another $10 bucks – I think that’s a total rip off.

Graft Concept should know that their only shipping method has such a fee – and lower their damn shipping cost.

Oh – and guess what?  I explained this to them… and the customer service girl replied via email that it’s normal to be charged custom tax.  What the f—-?!  I’m not pissed about the custom tax.  I ‘m pissed that you charged me $20 bucks shipping with the only choice of Fed Ex and then they charged me a extra $10.

FINAL VERDICT? Never ever going to purchase from them. NEVER.

In total – I paid $80 for a “unique phone case”.  50% of this cost was just for shipping and tax.  WHAT A JOKE.


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