My everyday facewash – Ettusais Gentle Wash

photo 1

Ta dah!  Costs around $20.  Usually stock up or ask friends and family to help me buy when they go to Asia.  You can find it at department stores, and even some individual Ettusais stores.

  I use it almost every night before I moisturize and go to bed.  I say almost because sometimes I use a deeper cleanser (will post another day).

“This oil-free soap forms a rich, creamy lather for a “cushion effect”. The ultra-fine bubbles remove dirt and old sebum cells from the skin, leaving it dewy fresh without any feeling of tightness”

photo 2

Sorry – I usually don’t have anyone helping me take the pics – so i couldn’t take the foam in my hands after lathering the bar with water.  Just run the bar under water and make enough foam to cover your face.

The aftermath is you get a clean face to continue on with moisturizing!  They use to make this medicated for acne – but not sure why the bars don’t say it anymore.  I wouldn’t say your skin feels moist after this though.  You still need to apply your serums, masks, and toners and what not.  The good thing is, your skin doesn’t feel like it’s been sucked out of moisture and oil.  After using this for the past few years – I haven’t been getting little pimples anymore 🙂

Will be posting more on Ettusais as I have been using quite a few of their products.  Stay tuned ! ❤


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