Joe Fortes (Lunch Review) (Downtown Vancouver)…YAY!

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Great food – great service and soooooOOOooo busy.  Make sure you reserve ahead of time, whether it’s dinner or lunch.  They also have happy hour for oysters and drinks from 4pm – 6pm (oysters are a buck each) BUT i believe it’s only if you sit at the bar.  Which is not that big for a restaurant that size.  Unless they have many bars everywhere that I can’t see.  The calamari is one of the BEST that I ever ate – seasoned batter and i love how its straight cause then you can dip them like fries!  Seafood pasta was amazing as well and the mac and cheese was yummy (packed with cheese!).  The truffle fries is a must, and who can resist their complimentary lobster dip with bread.  You can buy the lobster dip for $38.  Very worth it as you can totally taste lobster in it. 😉

Only thing that wasn’t 100% awesome was their steak sandwhich.  Not seasoned enough.  Perhaps they wanted their customers to sprinkle salt themselves?  I don’t know.  But i noticed many people ordered it.  AND – thank God that I always take pics at restaurants.  When the bill came, they overcharged us 5 oysters ($18).  Whipped out my picture and they changed it.

Final verdict? Will be back – especially at lunch.  Seems slightly cheaper as they have lunch specials for $10?  Even though we didn’t order it this time round.

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