I dyed my hair 17/Fiji (Dark Ash Blonde) by Superior Preference, LOREAL

Colour Riche Le Gloss

The beautiful Eva Longaria –


And the stunning Gwen Stefani ….


This is the box I used !  Really loved the color of this girls hair.  Although I think due to my asian hair – i should’ve gone for something like”light ash blonde” next time.  After I had last dyed by hair Feria Red – it faded into a semi orangy brown.  So I decided I would try something more brown.  And ta da!  I got it back to brown-brown, with no orange tone to it.  It’s not exactly ash – but will do the job for now I guess.  I plan to lighten it more and more as the weather gets better.

Also, I think this line “Superior Preference” is more suitable if your looking to make your hair color more accented.  Notice how Gwen Stefani and Eva Longaria – their hair color is pretty close to their original color?  I dunno – JUST a thought!  😉

So ta da – here are the results…. right after dying and drying it….it’s a bit frizzy cause I didn’t put any products yet 🙂

photo 1 photo 2

OMG.  looking at these pics – I wish I put something in my hair.  So frizzy…  but anyways…  you get the shade.  Without the bright lights …its more just on the brown side.  Not sure why it looks redish here…

And then…a few days after (below)- seems almost better after a few washes!


Hmm…till next time – I ‘m going to try probably the Feria line again, hope I can find a ash color thats lighter in their product line.  🙂 


2 thoughts on “I dyed my hair 17/Fiji (Dark Ash Blonde) by Superior Preference, LOREAL

  1. MariahPotter

    I think it looks beautiful! But I found a hair dye that is chemical-free, lasts for over 7 months (if cared for correctly), and makes your hair 100% more healthy. It’s called henna, and it gives you a really beautiful reddish hair color that lasts and is 100% natural. Loreal and those other hair dyes use chemicals that really kill your hair. I;m not self promoting I promise, I just LOVE henna and I bet your hair would look great with it! Heres a link to learn more: http://beautyforyoursoul.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/henna/

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