Cafe de l’Orangerie – Marpole ….YAY!

Cafe de l'Orangerie on Urbanspoon

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The store looks SOOO much better than the old location.  I found the old location really cramped and dark.  Almost gloomy even.  This store seems newer, and more open which makes it look more spaced.  Their menu also has way more things.  BUT …. I find the taste isn’t as good as the old location.  The corn soup was really bland, but the pastas were excellent.  Curry was average, and the dessert was pretty good! Service was good and the place was quite busy.

Final verdict?  I will be back! Pasta and desserts is good! I don’t really care about the other stuff – 😉 And it’s close to my husbands grandparents house – so it’s a good place to go on weekends when we drop by.


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