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Mentaiko!!! ❤

photo 1

Bought this at H-Mart the other day on North Road.

photo 2

(from Wikipedia)

Mentaiko (明太子?) is the marinated roe of pollock, and cod including is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Mentaiko originated from myeongran jeot (명란젓) of Korean cuisine[1] and was introduced to Japan after the Russo-Japanese War. Toshio Kawahara (川原 俊夫 Kawahara Toshio?), a Busan-born Japanese, adapted Korean mentaiko to Japanese tastes in Fukuoka in the 1950s.[citation needed] The typical seasoning and flavor is different in Japan.

Mentaiko is made in a variety of flavors and colors and is available at airports and main train stations. It is usually eaten with onigiri, but is also enjoyed by itself with sake. A common variety is spicy mentaiko (辛子明太子 karashi mentaiko?). It is a product of the Hakata ward of Fukuoka City.

Japanese style mentaiko was nominated as Japan’s number one side dish in the Japanese weekly magazine, Shūkan Bunshun.[2]

photo 3

Comes frozen in a tub, and is available also at Korean super markets and Japanese super markets (ie:  Fujiya).  This tub cost me about $25?  I think it was on sale too possibly, a bit pricey but this tub will be able to feed around 12 people if you make it into a pasta sauce.

photo 4

Just defrost and put it as a topping on top of your rice, pasta dish, eggs, etc!  The recipes are endless.  And sorry… I was going to do a post on some recipes I tried (mostly with udon and pasta) BUT – I just love it so much and skipped photos and began to eat!  hahaha.  next time la!~

PS.  If you are going to give this a try, please remove the outer membrane skin gently!  you are only suppose to eat the roe.  First time i tried this, i didn’t know.  LOL.


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