Baker One Cafe Review (Richmond/Aberdeen Center)… NAY.

Baker One Cafe on Urbanspoon

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Okay- so we always go to aberdeen mall, and I happen to have loved the previous restaurant here, called Aoyama Cafe?  I don’t know why it’s gone 😦  but it’s now replaced with Baker One.  Although they have a somewhat similar menu, it’s not the same!  The afternoon is packed with people as they have a really crazy ridiculous small dessert and tea deal (i think it’s like a few bucks only and you get a few mini cakes with coffee).  But dinner was rather quiet.  The soup and red tea was really watered down and bland.  Dishes were just mediocre…I enjoyed my salmon mushroom dish, but my other two guests at this restaurant weren’t THRILLED with their dish.  It was a bit on the bland side too.

Final verdict?  I don’t think I will come back unless I’m super desperate at Aberdeen for food, and the amazing food court is miraculously shut down.


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