M.I.A?! Sorry sorry …~

hi everyone.

I know I have been bad and have not posted for…three weeks 😦
Thank you for still coming to read and browse my bloggy and I will try to get my act together.  I have a good excuse though!!  My computer broke down, and then I couldn’t get the track pad to work…. and then had to dig around the house for a mouse so I can click okay … bla bla bla.  Then work has been chaotic and I had to hire a new person and train her…  so I have been working overtime.  And now?  I am sick.  Not the flu, cause I already got the flu shot…but have the runny nose, sore throat, cough….ahhhh.


So I shall try to keep this short and post a recipe or restaurant review asap.  Please stay warm out there.  It’s bloody cold and I almost froze my bum off at the Vancouver Christmas Market.  I know – crazy. I am sick and my mother got VIP free tickets, so I had to go.


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