Czechrose Natural Therapy Review

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350-1152 Mainland Street (Yaletown)
(604) 669 – 9312

So this is the deal I got (copy and pasted from their site)

$109.00 for Christmas Package

includes: 90min. Czechrose massage, 30min.Foot reflexology, 30min Indian Head Massage,20min.Parrafin Hand Wrap,
Should be used separately and by different person.
After purchasing will email you set of vouchers.
Offer valid until December 25,2013!!
Expiry date for sessions March 31,2014.

( regular price is  $244.00)

My first reaction was like – WOW.  This is cheaper than the groupon deal, and way longer.  So me and my godsister decided this would be our Xmas gift to each other.  We booked a Sunday afternoon and was shocked that there was like not many people, or bookings.  When we got there, we were greeted by the two masseuse, who we learned were new to the country and their english was “okay”.  The place itself looked like an office, but they did a good job decorating and renovating it to be as spa-like as possible.  My masseuse was really nice, and her technique was okay.  Not great because at some moments, I felt she was just touching me, and brushing her hands on me.  I HATED the fact that she played spa music through her little phone and I could Enya in the room next door played by a CD player. Really threw me off a bit with two different songs going at one time.  The paraffin hand wax was ridiculously hot.  I have done it before when going to manicures, but this one was like… CRAZY lava hot.  She asked me to put it in three times, but after one, I just couldn’t bear it anymore.  Overall, I think it was okay, and I could probably request for a masseuse next time with more “power”.  The price is definitely affordable and I can’t complain too much. I most likely will come back in the future for just a shorter massage.  The offer alot of different types of massages and I’m curious to see if there really is a difference!



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