Jong Ga BBQ Korean Restaurant Review…YAY!

Jong Ga BBQ Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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I really enjoyed coming here, especially after “Corean Palace” closed down and I guess, sold their business to Jong Ga.  Service was a lot better than before, and there seemed to be more food for the same price.  And I noticed, alot more tables were filled too.  We ate a combo that I’m pretty sure said it was for 4 people, but I swear it’s more for like 6 people.  We were sooo stuffed, had issues walking out.  And you know how weird it is to take out food from Korean BBQ restaurants.  The only thing I wouldn’t care for and maybe opt out is the spicy fish cake and pork slices?  SOOO SPICY.  Maybe it was a accident, but I couldn’t taste anything…but SPICE!

Final verdict?  I shall be back!  ;)  when I’m too lazy to drive to Insadong (which I still think is the best…minus the douchebag that works there.  A future post to write about).

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