Dae Ji Pork Cutlet House …YAY!

Dae Ji Pork Cutlet House on Urbanspoon

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So I drove by this building a few times, and noticed a bright new orange store!  Dae Ji!  Caught my eyes also with their flashing disco led display and the beautiful dishes of the food at the window.  (smart!)  Came here for a bite one Saturday night and I must say the place is pretty small, and within the short time we were eating – the place went from empty to FULL.  And I also noticed alot of take outs.

Service was pretty good – and the korean waiter was very helpful and friendly and fast, and a real multitasker!  Taking orders, giving orders, cleaning, dealing with the cashier, and answering the phones, and also serving the food.  Crazy!

The food was not bad.  I am not a fan of fried foods, so I had the mushroom hamburger.  I think they could give a tad bit more rice, especially since there is so much sauce and meat.  I couldn’t bear to finish the other patty, so packed it to go.  Tried some of the kimchi soup – and it’s really watery.  No good, no good.

Parking is a bit of a pain as well as there are limited parallel parking spots.

Final verdict?  Definitely will come back again as the food is pretty different, cheap, and fast!


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