The One Restaurant 美味關係 …YAY!

The One Restaurant 美味關係 on Urbanspoon

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Came here on a Friday night and was surprised to see that they got rid of that grand piano that almost blocked the entranced, and filled it with more tables and seats.  It was packed as usual, and I must admit, service was alot faster than what I remembered when I was here half a year ago.  Our waitress was a young taiwanese girl with short hair – and wasn’t exactly well mannered.  My god sister was joking with her and I swear I saw her ROLL HER EYES and give this really awkward look that just expressed how much she doesn’t want to bother answering our questions… even though it was a legitimate question – “can I have the honey on the side for my honey lemon green tea? “

Anyways – the food came, and it was okay.  The green onion chicken definitely was not as good as Corner 23 but still eatable.  Beef noodles were good as always, and hot pot was alright – a bit too spicy and tasteless in my opinion.  Got my favorite bbt – strawberry slush (actually my most favorite is Pearl Fever’s Red Bean Milk Tea) and shared it with my husband cause it was way too big as you can tell from the picture.  It was good!  Best thing at this place is probably their very tall bbt’s and the many flavors they have.

Final verdict?  I will be back as it’s one of the closer bbt and dining places close to me.

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