VIP Lounge at Coquitlam SilverCity …NAY.

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Yes, I know – it’s Silvercity’s VIP Lounge/Restaurant but man….the wrap is not good at all.  so dry…and just DRY.  I thought I was eating paper for the first few bites, and then I couldn’t eat it.  The burger was also very dry… and I had to load up the meat with more ketchup so I could swallow better. LOL.  okay – i don’t know…am i exaggerating!??

Servers seemed okay friendly …but very quick in responding to tables.  I guess they know you are here because you are in a rush to get into the theaters quick but didn’t eat dinner before so.

I would only recommend this place if you want to get a quick buzz and couldn’t do so at home just before you go into your movies.  Don’t bother with the food.  I think their food court options are better than this.  Or better – why not go just down the street to A&W, Fatburger, Ricki’s, and even Cactus Club and skip the bad food before your show.

Final verdict? Never ever coming here to eat.  Maybe only for a cocktail if anything.


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