Tap & Barrel (Olympic Village) Review… YAY!

Tap & Barrel on Urbanspoon

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My first time actually coming into the olympic village area.  SO COOL.  can’t believe I never came earlier.  LOVED the neighborhood.  It reminds me of a calm and peaceful yaletown.  This place is really big, and has two floors.  I’m guessing the bottom is more for drinking and upstairs is for dining.  Can’t wait to hit up the patios this summer.

Waitress was really friendly and cool.  Loved how she didn’t BS or ask us a billion of times how everything was.  And one of our friends was missing an egg in her breakfast sandwich and the waitress went to get her a WHOLE NEW DISH even though my friend said it was okay and she had eaten half of it already.

I’m not a beer drinker, so I cannot comment on it.  I ordered a glass of wine that was “exclusive” to TAP.  Seemed normal.  Had the salmon burger and quite liked it.  The flavors seemed to compliment each other.  I finished it quite fast surprisingly.  My husband rated his brunch dish 8/10.  And the caesar 7/10.

Final verdict?  I will be back! I love the ambience and surrounding.  Food and drinks are pretty good (from what I had today) and service is great!  Plus – you can go for a nice walk after your meal if the weather is good.

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