The Eatery (Vancouver – Kitsilano) Review… YAY!

The Eatery on Urbanspoon

eatery eatery 1 eatery 3

I have a confession – the pics above were basically devoured between me and my god sister.  SCARY?!!  I know.  I am a beast.  It was packed as usual on a Saturday night and we were so lucky to get a table right beside the DJ (Not!).  Left half deaf, and a croaky voice.  Service was okay, but the waitress was so busy with so many tables – and weirdly ….the hostess was walking around alot.  That is something that I find restaurants should reconsider with the role of a hostess.  Perhaps they should double up on bringing drinks or food to the table if they can’t take orders – but I think it’s just ridiculous when they just walking around batting their lashes.  Especially when SOOOOoooOOOO many people waiting to be served.

okay – now….to the most important stuff – THE FOOD.  Awesome.  I love their rolls! Please don’t ask me what I ate above, cause I don’t remember any of the names.  I didn’t care for the tuna tataki salad, and probably wouldn’t go here to eat regular dishes like Teriyaki chicken.  But the rolls are definitely creative and fun.  I love how they just bring out all the rolls ready to go on one massive plate and you just think “how the heck am I going to eat all of this?!”

Final verdict?  OUI OUI! I am coming back – would definitely like to sit away from the DJ table next time.

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