Kanebo’s Suisai – Face Cleanser

image image_7

This is my skin AFTER.  Lol – not sure the point of the picture since I’m too chicken to do a before.  My husband said its scary.  But actually my face is really soft and smooth after using this.  My husband tried it and he couldn’t stop touching his face. -_-“


Here is the little capsule – which you can use 2-3 times before throwing it out.  You don’t have to use all of it at once – it’s quite concentrated.


Mix with a few drops of water.


This is what it becomes and spread over face, in circular motion!


So yea – where can you buy this goodness besides Japan ?  In some stores you buy the box with loads of capsules.  But I think if you aren’t travelling to Japan, or don’t have access to Asian stores that have this – then you should just buy the one from Sasa (http://web1.sasa.com/SasaWeb/eng/product/viewProductDetail.jspa?itemno=106615106001)  Which has less capsules, but comes with some sort of other cleanser.

So what do I love about this product?  Well..not just me – but after my sister in law gave it to me, I gave a few to my friends and cousins and they were shocked at the difference after using it for a week.  We all had smoother, brighter, and whiter skin.  Not lying.  It feels like milk on my skin that magically scrubs away a layer of dead skin on my face without making it feel left dried.

Oh!  And it’s also pretty easy to bring along if you are travelling. If you know me, I like to alternate all my face and hair products  – haha! So yes, I use this and another cleanser which I will update in another post one day!! Lalala ~  The brand starts with “E” – any ideas???  😉


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