Sejong – Hair Salon (North Road) Review


Sejong Hair –

Suite J-341 North Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V8
(604) 939-9798

I’ve been coming here for the past year and a half.  I don’t cut my hair super often, maybe 4 times a year and then I color it 2 times a year?  (It’s only been recent that I have been playing with home box kits).

I use to go to Misako which I found really awesome, detailed, and great customer service.  I recommend about 20 people to probably go there and my then stylist was getting more and more popular.  And then the crap happened – he started to not get the right color shade that I wanted, made excuses, and always felt kinda rushed through my appts with him.  OH – and parking was not free here.

Then I went to Tokyo Allure – lovely hair stylist, BUT… I just never felt the cut and color was 100% what I wanted.  Never said anything because I didn’t feel super connected with the stylist.  Went here maybe three times and stopped.

I use to love japanese hair salons for their detail, and service – even though they took up a longer time, and was much pricier.  Then I found “Marshal” at Sejong.  She is so nice!  Even though her english is not strong at all, she seems to know what I’m going for and always gives me great advice.  The hair washes aren’t super long and relaxing which is a downside ….BUT …she is fast and does a great job.  Time is precious – and  I hate staying for hours in a salon smelling all the chemicals from perms and dyes.  Luckily, there are many assistants there who speak english  – so you are in good hands 😉


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