Hing Fung Restaurant Review – YAY!

Hing Fung Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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My grandmother in law was craving for some lobster rice dish and was saddened that the place had closed when she called.  Strange enough, it was the same number – but different name, and owner.  He said they had the same dish – and so we went to try it out.  We called the dishes above, and called two drinks, and a extra bowl of white rice for me (i’m not a super fan of the sticky glutinous rice) = $100 including tax and tips and a 10% VIP discount.  Not sure how we got that.  Maybe cause my grandmother in law is a cute ah ma.  CHEAP RIGHT?  And we got leftovers still @@

Next time – I’m going to come and also try their “combos” – like you know…those hong kong cafe lunches that come with a soup and drink.  I was eyeing other tables and it looks so yummy.  Like equal quality, as Deer Garden in Coquitlam !~ My fav ^_^.  And they have even more selections.

Final verdict?  A must go for hong kong style cafe food, and/or Cantonese dishes.  Will be back for the Lobster rice !!


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