Etude House Eyeshadow Palette Review –

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

My cousin from Singapore bought this for me and I love it.  I love anything that kinda organizes – closets, drawers, kitchen….and now…YOUR EYE.  heehee!  So…I’m way too lazy to show you through pictures and the steps… and stupid me, I threw away the cover that shows you how to use the four colors from a simple diagram labelled A,B,C,D.

Obviously the white palette is a highlighter under your eyebrow.
Then the pink is all over your lid.
Then the light brown begins at the middle of your eye lid, to the end of your eye.
Then the dark brown -shade the last 1/4 of your outer eyelid corner.

The palette is great for daytime wear – and if you are hoping it will last til night time, you may need to pack this palette in  your bag.  The color kinda seems to slowly disappear by the end of the night.  So if you like your eyes to look fresh – then should reapply later in the day 😉

Ooooo…check out the other shades they have!


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