Gyu Japanese Teppanyaki Review… NAY!

Gyu Japanese Teppanyaki on Urbanspoon

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So I’ve been here a few times and always end up back even though I don’t plan on returning.  So for the hundredth time – I won’t be returning!!!!   – unless I’m forced by friends due to a birthday party or celebration.

The miso soup is super duper salty. It’s actually…not really Japanese, the cooks are now all from China, and Hong Kong.  It’s really just the technique that makes them Teppanyaki.  I remember 10 years ago…this place was not bad and had many Japanese chefs.  The servers are not super friendly either.  The chef we last had was a nice guy from Hong Kong.  I really appreciated the fact that he did take note that I didn’t eat onions and offered to opt it out when he cooked my fried rice.  I find the price doesnt exactly match the amount of food or service you are getting, and that’s why they need to use Groupon to attract more customers in.

Final verdict?  With groupon it’s decent.  But without – not worth going at all!


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