Pink Sugar Cafe Review… YAY!

Pink Sugar Cafe on Urbanspoon

pink cafe pink cafe 2

I really liked this place when it first open – I guess I still consider myself a future customer as I like the style of cooking here.  BUT – it does get quite crowded as it’s very small, and sometimes, depending on what they are cooking – your clothes will get drenched in pecuiliar food smell.  The owner is Taiwanese, and his wife the cook is Japanese.  They make sandwiches, and have an array of drink selections.  They also offer a special lunch set everyday – but only ONE kind will be served each day.

My family likes to call in to ask what’s cooking – if I was the owner – I will probably go crazy answering calls like that.  Hahaha.

OH – I must say I love their desserts, the cakes, and rolls – DELICIOUS!  The cheesecake is wonderful and addicting. You can also call and order birthday cakes too!

Final verdict?  Will be here again – but seriously, the parking and crowdedness in a tiny place really makes me go feel clusterphobic.


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