Santouka Ramen (Downtown Vancouver) Review… YAY!

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka on Urbanspoon

santouka santouka 2 santouka 3 santouka 4

I LOVE this ramen place the most – out of all the popular ones in Vancouver.  Probably because they offer rice (which is my number one fav food).  And they are so smart – Ramen combo with side bowl of rice with small toppings!  And they always have a sweet dessert that you can order to finish your yummy meal. Yes – I am a beast that can really finish the noodle and rice in one seating and have room for dessert.

Santouka is a franchise – even Singapore has it !!  So hot – how to eat and enjoy ramen?!  I would not eat ramen in the summer.  Okay back to the place – expect a line up, and don’t expect to sit there and chit chat …because many people are waiting to get in.  The place is a bit tight and cramped and I love watching how fast the kitchen and staff move, move, move.  They must be exhausted by the end of their shift!

Final verdict?  Perfect season to start going back to this place 🙂


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