Matoi Sushi (Coquitlam) Review …YAY!

Matoi Sushi on Urbanspoon
Matio 5 Matoi Matoi 1 Matoi 2 Matoi 3 Matoi 4 Matoi 6

OMG – I have been lazy, I’m sorry.  Haven’t blogged much since work has been sooooooOOOooo busy. And I have been joining a bunch of fitness classes to work off the calories from all these food posts.

Okay – I go to Matoi several times a month.  You know a japanese restaurant is good when lots of japanese customers eat there.  And here it is  – in Coquitlam too 🙂  I almost always order Lunch Box C (Sashimi). And yes, but yet – there is no pictures of this box here.  Sorry – horrible I am.  I have brought a few Vancouver friends here and they are quite impressed with the box.  There is quality, variety, and yums all in one box.  My husband really likes the Chirashi as it’s always fresh tasting!  My dad loves the pork cutlet curry too!

Final verdict?  Need I say more?  A go for sure especially if you LOVE sushi boxes like me 🙂


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