Unwelcomed visitor in my blog.

Omg. Im getting really annoyed by a particular person who is coming to my blog. I enjoy reading comments but please keep in mind this is my blog. Not yours. Its not a spelling bee contest so i dont have to spell everything correctly. Stop critiquing all my posts.

Oh yes- i have a full time job and this blog is just my creative outlet to share my hobbies and what not. Geez- if i copy and paste recipes, you’ll notice i give credit right?! That is the most i will do. Im not going to recheck their grammar.

Final word? Be polite. Im not going to publish your name or blog here because im being respectful to you. You know who you are.

Happy friday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Unwelcomed visitor in my blog.

    • ivancouver604

      I KNOW. soooOOOOooooooO annoying. I’ve replied a few times because I thought he/she was normal. Even though sometimes their comments are abnormally long – BUT holy cow. just pressed my button this morning.

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