Kintaro Ramen – Vancouver/Downtown …YAY!

Kintaro Ramen 金太郞 on Urbanspoon

kintaro kintaro 1

AhhhhHHHhhh.  Perfect weather to be having ramen now.  Feeling chilly while shopping in downtown robson?  Ramen will definitely warm you up.  There is quite a few at the end of robson towards denman.  I actually don’t eat pork almost ever ( no…not because of religion…just personal preference).  So when I come for ramen – I usually just eat the veggies, noodles, and drink the soup. LOL.  I know la!~  I’m weird.  Then I give my husband all the slices of pork.  So yes… I actually personally like Santouka more (because they offer that delicious combo with a side of rice – i love my rice).  BUTTTTT…. this place is probably the most famous and one of the first ramen places.

Final verdict?  Will be back, but probably there early or late and not during peak times. I HATE LINING UP IN THE COLD!!!!


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