Cora (Coquitlam) … YAY!

Cora Breakfast & Lunch on Urbanspoon

cora cora 2 cora 3 cora1

Cora’s is a franchise breakfast/brunch place.  I really like it as it’s always fresh, fresh, fresh! I am surprised that this place can survive business as it’s not open at nights.  WAH?!?!  And…i usually don’t see THAT many people here on weekdays – mostly just weekends.  So how is it possible?!??!?!

Okay…let’s cut to the chase – Final verdict?  I’ll be back here as its pretty close to me.  I find it way healthier than IHOP and Denny’s – fresh is definite key here.  oh and FROM SCRATCH!  Hmmm..but is this the best breakfast place?  I think only if you are comparing within the breakfast franchise chains.

PS.  I also like White Spot’s breakfast too!


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