Sweet Revenge Review (Vancouver – Main Street)… YAY!

Sweet Revenge Patisserie on Urbanspoon

sweet revenge sweet revenge 1 sweet revenge 3 sweet revenge 4

There is just not enough yummy dessert places in Vancouver – WHY WHY WHY?! I have tried to get into this place many times but always end up seeing a line up and being turned off.  I have learned the secret – go during dinner time.  HAHA.  Or else have a super early dinner and then go there to avoid a line up.

The place is quite small and cozy.  They have an interesting tea selection – especially the one we called. I forgot what it’s called.  Something about a flower in a pot and then it OPENS UP LIKE A FLOWER BLOOMING.  My godsister made it sound crazy – but… yea..  I don’t know.  Our was kinda dead maybe?  It didn’t really open as big as I wanted it to.  Cheesecake was good but not as good as Cheesecake Etc.  and Tiramisu was pretty good too!

Final verdict?  I’m coming back.  Going to skip going to afternoon starbucks or bbt every now and then and meet up with friends to chat here instead.


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