So Crab, So Good (Burnaby) – YAY!

So Crab So Good Restaurant & Bar 蝦拼蟹嗆海鮮餐廳 on Urbanspoon

so crab so pot so crab so pot 2 so crab so pot 4 so crab so pot1

Came here sunday afternoon with my parents. And I must say it was a pretty cool eating experience.  YOU GET TO EAT WITH YOUR HANDS and get everything dirty.  Every child’s dream!  The waitress told us it’s Californian style?!  Didn’t know California style is like this.  Hmm..  but anyways – it was really yummy and SPICY.  Even though we did ask for little little spice.  So I think next time, I will just order no spicy straight up.  I was sniffling and teary eye during the whole meal. LOL.  And I loved how they give you pasta to go with the sauce from the seafood.

Final verdict? Will definitely go there again.  Maybe at night, for drinks and SEAFOOD!


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