Biosilk Silk Therapy – Hair Serum Review


Made in the USA!

photo 1

my hair after blowdry. yikes…look at all the flyaways, and frizzyness.

photo 2

This is all I use only!!  Rub over the palms of your hands and fingers and begin running your hands through your hair! (Especially at the ends)

photo 3

Huge difference. @@

photo 4

I really like the smell of Biosilk Therapy -it’s very subtle and soft smelling.  And this bottle will last you for a LONG LONG TIME.  You can buy a bottle for $30 on amazon, or go to Costco which will probably be slightly cheaper if they still have it.  I went to vegas a long time ago (5 years+?) and they were promoting this EVERYWHERE on their posterboards.  Just a warning, ONLY use a little at a time.  I remember the first time, I didn’t know how much to put and it made my hair SUPER DUPER oily and disgusting.  My suggestion would be to start with a pea size amount, spread in hands, spread through hair and repeat again until you think its good.  I only start midway through my hair as the top of my head gets oily fast.

CHI’s silk infusion is also really good – so I might switch back and forth between the two if I ever finish this bottle !

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