What do you think? To speak the truth or just hide and only promote good restaurants ? -_-“

SO.  Today I recieved my first negative comment from a Aimee ” you obviously have shit taste” – in response to one of my previous blogs on a restaurant I recently didn’t rave positively about (Sushi K Kamizato). 

Which makes me think after chatting with my husband….maybe it’s not such a great idea to be saying such things about restaurants especially if I don’t have lots of great things to say.  And then he went on to say that I have my pictures up, bla bla bla.  Maybe I should take off all my pics and then wear a mask!? 

LOL.  yes everyone – I’m going to write a review on skin products…over a masque that looks like this.

ImageGood to know I can find these cheap online for $5.  Perhaps I can customize it.  DIU.

Anyways – Aimee, I will just reply you here – my taste ain’t that shit la!  I did say the toro aburi was really good. And seems like the majority of people agree with that in urbanspoon.  Oh and here – another entry from another blogger –Sherman’s Food Adventure– that I totally agree with – so i guess we both have shit taste then ? YAY! A partner to join me.

Excuse my sarcasm – but… yes. I’m waiting for my thanksgiving dinner to be served so i’m being a grumpy troll! 

I have read a few local food blogs and seems the majority just raves about every single restaurant they go in.  WTF?!  I did not know that there are no such thing as BAD, OKAY, or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious restaurants.  (yup. i googled that spelling. lol). I don’t think I’m that harsh anyways – YAY or NAY right?  And I don’t even go into details of how bad it is, unless it’s SUPER DUPER bad.  

Anyways – Ciao – I’m done being a troll. Time for the long weekend to start ! 



12 thoughts on “What do you think? To speak the truth or just hide and only promote good restaurants ? -_-“

  1. Jose

    It is great that you write honestly how you feel. I enjoy reading your blog. I feel it is ok to disagree about a place, but do it in a civil manner. No need to swear at ivancouver604.

  2. traceintheplace

    That’s ridiculous, I think as long as you’re being respectful in your comments, you’re completely entitled to sharing your experiences, and those won’t always be positive. It’s bullshit to lie and say something is good if it’s not. Lol, what a waste of time for someone to say you have shitty taste because she disagrees with you. I enjoy reading your posts, and I don’t even live in Canada! Keep writing!

    • ivancouver604

      THANK YOU TRACE! i know right? sigh – i guess we gotta face haters when we have something public like a blog. BTW – have you read a blogger called Xia Xue ? She actually calls out her haters on her blog – it’s actually quite funny. Will send you if you don’t read her stuff! 🙂

      • KimHo

        She (as in that blogger, as per your link) has opinion of her own and can defend herself. Good for her. Now, whether she choose to address it “like a lady” or swearing like a pirate, that is certainly not my problem. It is up to her (and her readers) to decide that.

        As for myself, I question other things about her. In fact, when the page first loaded, that picture of hers freaked me out. I won’t go into details, as it is beyond the scope (and I don’t want to end up writing another essay). Having said that, as for the content itself of her blog, it is pretty much advertising. If people were smart enough, for example cosmetics (sorry, this might hit you as well), they won’t need a lot of things. Check this link: http://goo.gl/kdHgkj (to CBC Canada, jump to minute 10). But, related/similar to what I mentioned above, her blog is not my type of blog and not the type of people I have to deal with; hence, not my problem.

  3. KimHo

    Welcome to the world of blog controversy and trash talk. Sorry, I am being sarcastic here but I believe you get the idea.

    I have always challenged bloggers who write only “positive” blog posts. Just as you mentioned, a lot of them use the “I only write positives” and add “it is their opinion” as reasoning. I call it an excuse. It is possible I am older than most people using the Internet nowadays (“get off my lawn!”) but it might also be a case where the meaning of words have evolved. In this case, said word is “review”. Whereas people like me believe it is about critical report, for this blogger generation it could be just a (biased?) opinon.

    In my opinion, you should write what you believe is true. Likewise, I believe discussion is encouraged. There will always be opposing views; however, as long as you can support what you say, not just because you go with the flow and/or peer pressured to change your thoughts, I believe you are in a good position. Then again, there will be instances were you are completely wrong and the question is whether you are willing to admit you are. For example, you wrote 29th Ave Cafe is in Burnaby. Technically, that is wrong. If you are standing in the middle of Boundary Road, west of it would be Vancouver; east of it would be Burnaby. Hint: 29th Ave Cafe is *west* of Boundary Road.

    Having said that, as for this place, Sushi K Kamizato, I haven’t been there myself so there isn’t much for me to say. However, I do have a bone to pick in regards to the note on MSG. While there were no negative/odd remarks, it was the fact it was mentioned and leaned towards the general (wrong) concensus of the general public about it. While MSG in excess is bad – like pretty much everything in life – if used correctly, it can actually enhance the taste of some dishes. What people call the MSG effect (such as headache, numbness, et al) is based solely in anecdotal evidence. There has been many studies disproving this but it has stayed mainstream in the general public. Now, here is a couple of things you might (or might not) known already – even if they didn’t use MSG, several of the components used to make the dishes you ordered have glutamates: nori, soy sauce, green tea, et al. So, even if they don’t add it, there are naturally occuring sources… The more you know? 😉

    • ivancouver604

      Thanks for your awesome essay Kim 🙂
      I only said 29th cafe was burnaby because that’s how it shows up on yelp and urbanspoon – don’t know my geography obviously -haha!
      And yes – i could’ve said more about MSG i guess…but i am TOO LAZY. Lol! But thank you for sharing – I shall add this to my list of to writes in the future la!~

      Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. MissVancouverPiggy

    LOL! I think I am the worst with negative reviews. I never even once thought of it as a bad thing to write negative reviews. I personally have more fun writing positives reviews though. I’m surprised someone would e-mail you that.

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