Black & Blue (Downtown) – YAY!

Black + Blue on Urbanspoon

black and blue black and blue 2 black and blue 4 black and blue 5 black and blue1

I was very impressed with this restaurant as the decor and feeling of the place was very modern and chic.  It’s one of the many restaurant of Glowbal Group and definitely met expectations and standards.  We asked for a platter of different meats and seafood – standard for me.  It was actually the brussel sprouts that blew me away.  I know…80% of the world probably does not like brussel sprouts… but this was AMAZING.  Roasted and sprinkled with parmesan cheese and sea salt.  WOW!!!  A definite must try.

Then we called a few desserts to share.  All very yummy.  Well, the creme brulee was kinda too runny.  Not sure why as it’s one of the easiest desserts to make -_-“

Final verdict?  Definitely coming back in the summer.  Love their patio seats – I feel like I’m in a different country with the outdoor fireplaces and modern patio -ish comfy loungey furniture.  The food is of course pricier than cactus club so this won’t be a daily place for me.  maybe…a monthly… or….every few months……


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