Gyo – O 魚王 (Richmond)…YAY!

Gyo-O 魚王 on Urbanspoon

gyo gyo 1 gyo 2 gyo 3 gyo 4 gyo 5 gyo 6

I really like this place.  It’s quite small and the food is really cooked and served by Japanese folks.  All the dishes are at a fair portion and price – and of course the quality is great.  Everytime I come, the place always has people inside.  I find that the dishes have a tiny hint of fusion to it, making the dishes a bit different from the traditional- BUT..not overly done so maybe you won’t even notice it 🙂

Final verdict ?  GO GO GO!  I highly doubt you will be disappointed.  If you are looking for HUGE portions like sushi town – this is not the place for you.  You will definitely be full and satisfied…but not a place if you want to over stuff yourself.


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