Sushi Mura (Vancouver) Review

Sushi Mura on Urbanspoon

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Pretty good – we were going to go here as it was close to the neighborhood but the grandparents kinda wanted to stay in as the weather was not so great.  We ordered take out Party Tray D (i think it was…the $56.00) and had to wait for 45 minutes before pick up.  I went into the restaurant which has HORRIBLE parking btw.  Apparently there is parking in the back – but ya. STILL BAD.

The restaurant was PACKED full, and also had 7 people waiting to be seated.  Crazy good business.  The quality and price is great – cheap and good quality of sashimi and sushi.  It is korean owned, so reminded my a bit of Sushi Town, Oyama, and Sushi Garden -but better.

I was annoyed at the korean guy that helped me.  Not sure if he is the manager or what, but he was kinda bossing people around and then got mad at some of the staff and was bitching in korean.  And his “thank you, have a good one” was kinda like in a tone like ” I don’t give a sh*t.”

Final verdict?  I think I will be back for take out, but don’t think I would like to sit there as it’s quite busy and loud.  Oh and let’s not forget about the ridiculous tiny parking lot.


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