Octopus Garden (Vancouver – Kitsilano)….MEH

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So…yes… I know – most of my restaurants are japanese.  HAHAHA – sorry – I just love Japanese food so much.  And I feel healthy even after stuffing myself silly.  Yes. I am in denial lah!  Back to Octopus Garden.  So it’s a pretty cozy and funky restaurant.  Service was great and the place was quite full.  I guess I was expecting ALOT in terms of the food quality as there were high ratings and the price was a bit more than the average japanese restaurant.  The agedashi tofu was horrible – not even cooked fully so the skin was kind of chewy.  -_-”  The sushi pockets were like rice slapped together with seaweed ….didn’t seem to match.  I dunno – it just seemed so bland. The special sushi’s that we ordered weren’t that special.  which is fine – BUT!!!  I think it needs to be if they are charging a bit more than other places right?!?!?

Okay.  Final verdict?  Not going back here – a bit pricey for the dishes they serve!


2 thoughts on “Octopus Garden (Vancouver – Kitsilano)….MEH

  1. Fuji.Ray

    your blog is amazing! your photography skill is amazing too, makes me drool over your photos!
    i’ve been to octopus garden a couple of times before and i love it, although i do have to agree with you on the agedashi tofu, they’re definitely not the best in vancouver. but i don’t think they’re chewy because they’re undercooked – usually agedashi tofu are coated in potato starch and fried. instead, octopus garden uses different kind of flour (im guessing all-purpose?) which is why the texture is really different..

    • ivancouver604

      thanks fuji ray 🙂 wow. i guess i should thank my iphone for the photos. LOL. I had no idea about the agadeshi tofu! thanks for the info. now i know why it tastes like that! Do you know what regular agedashi tofu it coated with by any chance?

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