Envie De Neuf Exfoliating Gel Review


Ta da!  This is my current fav exfoliator to use.  I have a few that I really like but for reasons… I prefer this one because it allows me to do it more often without causing my skin to dry or red.  I really like Dr. Brandt Microexfoliant, but it’s SOOO pricey.  And I also like Laneige Berry Scrub, but find that it’s not as gentle as this one.  So… may I present to you… ENVIE DE NEUF EXFOLIATING GEL.

How I came about to finding this product

I was walking around in Sogo (Taiwan) one evening and this lady asks me if I would be interested in a sample bottle for free!  Okay…you don’t understand…for some reason, the sample bottles in Asia are just huge.  So I was like OOOoo “free beauty products?!”  So I said okay…and then she started demonstrating this amazing product on my hand.


It’s like a clear gel.


Circle all over your hands several times – and you will see clusters of your dead skin bunch.


Okay…this is kinda gross close up I know but can you see the slightly greyish hue in my dead skin?  I guess my hand is dirty. LOL.


Voila – clean and bright.  Scrubbing your skin not only gets rid of dead skin, but also brightens it!  This exfoliant scrub is so gentle that you can use it every other day, or every two days.  And your skin won’t feel dry, but please do remember to use a toner after or mask!


I purchased mine in SOGO as they always have good promo’s but if you are interested – Envie De Neuf has a website where you can purchase it.  The one I’m holding is 100mL and costs about $50 but lasts quite a long time (4-6 months, depending how much you use it).

PS.  This brand is from the states – the lady told me it’s from France.  I guess because of the name.  IT IS FROM THE STATES FYI!  🙂


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