Shinobi (Maple Ridge) …YAY!

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OH GOSH – WHAT AM I DOING IN MAPLE RIDGE?! Yes I’m shocked myself as I only been to maple ridge maybe 4 -5 times in my whole life.  It was my dear Uncle Vincent’s birthday and he said he wanted to have dinner in some japanese restaurant in this little city.  We drove there thinking – where the heck are we?!  there was like 15 of us looking for this restaurant.

We were welcomed by a bunch of nice korean waitresses and service was fast, fast, fast.  The food came out pretty fast and it was actually very tasty.  I noticed they had rolls that were named, and possibly copied from other restaurants in Coquitlam?!  (  Awesome Roll (Sushi Town), Volcano Roll (Osamu)…)  But oh well!  it was still tasty and the bill turned out slightly cheaper.  We were given a huge complimentary salad, and MAN – it was spicy!  Gotta love korean spicy sauce with sashimi!

I didn’t take alot of pics as we were sitting in a huge group but as you can see, portions are big, and presentable…most importantly – tasty and not overpriced.  I had guests from Singapore in the summer and they said this place was definitely a highlight for their trip.  And they even went back a second time just before leaving Vancouver!

Final verdict?  I will be back – but unfortunately… the drive out to Maple Ridge is kinda far for me.  But I’m sure I’ll be back there again before Uncle Vincent’s next birthday ! 😉


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