Ninja Bubble Tea (Coquitlam)…YAY!

Ninja Bubble Tea on Urbanspoon

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Went to check out this new bbt shop on glen drive after dinner at Hokane – cool little shop with two very nice staff.  I was surprised to see 10 other customers inside because I saw a bubble tea food truck parked just outside their store with a few customers.  (…just 10 steps away).  Their specialty drinks definitely remind me of Bubble Queen which is cool since we don’t have anything really interesting like Malteser bubble teas and Nutella in Coquitlam!  Their fruit smoothies taste just like Pearl Fever (yummy!).  Pearls are chewy, and not sweet (I like mines sweet!).

They also have a few tables for kids to play checkers, cards, and even a basketball game that I used to love at PNE !   They have cheap combos/snacks, great for students.  Add 50cents with your drink and get a bag of chips.  Add $1 and you get cup noodles.  Man – I would love this place if I was a kid!

OH – I also took note of their choice of music.  LOVE IT.  Covers of pop songs that I usually check out on youtube. ❤ ❤ ❤


But definitely a bit noisy when there are so many kids playing. -_-”
Final verdict?  Will probably return for pickups to go.  But not staying inside as I can see alot of high schoolers hanging around and being rowdy.  I’m a old bag I know… LOL.

And yes…I must pose with their super cute and chubby cup. SOOOO CUTE.  and I can’t believe it fits in my cup holder!

image_5 image_6

Ninja Bubble Tea ! HAIYA!!


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