My final rant about EBO restaurant. Actually sorry… it’s actually really about Burnaby Delta Hotel (Review)

pissed bride

I say FINAL because I have repeated this story many, MANY, many, times and hope that future brides looking into this venue will be warned.

Once upon a time over a year ago, I got engaged and was excited and you know – all fuzzy inside and feeling lots of LOOOOVVVEEEeee.  I met a lovely catering manager by the name of let’s say “Sandra”.  She was helpful, kind, punctual, and very organized.  LOVED IT.  We were looking for a place that allows our little dog “Milo”.  She said it was no problem at all.  And just at the same time…we saw a guest with their huge dog walking around.  It’s a dog friendly hotel.

Then half a year later… I got in touch with Sandra and found out she no longer worked at Burnaby Delta Hotel.  Instead…a new girl was in…let’s call her “Lucy”. She wanted to meet to follow up, but when I got there, it turns out that she didn’t do her homework and asked me all the questions you would ask meeting a client for the first time.  I didn’t mind…eventhough it was quite a waste of time.  I was nice about it.
The second meeting
Then we met again for the second time because I needed to check some things with the ballroom.  I GOT ANNOYED THIS TIME.  Because it turns out she didn’t write ANYTHING down from our first meeting, and I had to repeat the same things again.  I asked her to check some things, and never heard back from her until I emailed asking again.

The third meeting – aka.  Tasting of the menu
The third time was during the taste testing which was ridiculous.  Lucy wanted us to come like at 2:30 or 3pm.  First of all, the majority of normal working people work 9am  -5pm.  So how is this possible?!  I asked her to move the time and she finally agreed to ….to like 5:30pm.  When we got there …she told me, my husband, my cousin and mom in law that she needed to leave by 6:30pm sharp to go pick up her daughter.  UH….OKAY.  so we are going to rush through like 15 dishes because you have to go?  As we were rushing through the menu, I asked her if there were other options for desserts and she said she would email me the list (which she didn’t – until I emailed her about it).  Then the chicken dish came and it was obviously undercooked.  She continued to argue with me that it’s not and that’s how they keep their chicken juicy.  UH …OKAY….by making it raw inside?  gross!

The fourth meeting
Going over the final paperwork, I brought my dog along this time.  We were sitting outside of the restaurant…by the stairs.  Everything is normal, going over the papers and contracts.  Waiter comes over and small chats and plays with my dog, and starts telling my mom in law about his dog.  Bla bla bla.  30 minutes in, walky talkie goes off and Lucy and the banquet manager says dogs aren’t allowed in this area because it’s part of the “restaurant”.  OKAY – no big deal.  We move to the sofas.  Carry on.  DONE and say goodbye.  As we are walking out, my cousin says I should confirm with them about dogs.  I said there is no need because that’s why I picked this hotel because they said okay.  He insist its strange they would move us because the dog was around…so best to check.  Then I said okay.  This was already around a week before the wedding.

Two Friday’s before the wedding
I make a call, the operator said it should be fine to have dogs at the ballroom.  Especially if they said okay in the first place.  She said she will double check regardless.  LUCY gets back to me via email and just casually said “no. not allowed.  she was unaware”.  then ….I FLIP OUT.  and @%#$#$^#$#$%$%@#$@#$!$!@$!#$#@$#@$#@$@$@#$#@$#@.  She still continues and says its the rules…bla bla.  and I’m like f@$%#$%@$ you!  I just paid $30 Grand and then you tell me no now?!  WTF.

Sorry.  am i making sense?  I tell her – i don’t want to talk to her and get the GM. She then emails me back and asks for my phone number.  WOW………YOU DIDN’T SAVE MY NUMBER???????Even after asking me twice in our meetings????

The GM calls me and obviously from her tone…does not give a rat’s bum.

“there is nothing i can do… all i can do is apologize.  so sorry”. 
UH. no you aren’t …i dont even know you and you don’t know me. I highly doubt you give a crap. 

“you know it’s the law.  you are basically asking me to break the law if you bring your dog”. 
UH.  that would really make the province if you get arrested or fine. 

“you know just last week, a girl got kicked out of cactus club in downtown for bringing her chihuahua”.
UH. firstly, I’m sure if I paid Cactus Club 30 grand, they would let me bring 10 dogs in.  Then I told her “you guys are liars.  you trick people into paying and then change the terms.  

Anyways…conversation ended when I blah blah blah on how I don’t care if Sandra is not working here anymore.  I was much happier with her services and professionalism compared to Lucy.  Plus Lucy should’ve followed up my file with Sandra and took note that I was bringing my precious dog.  You are wasting my breath.  *click and hanged up*

Friday – the night before the wedding
We found out that Lucy didn’t tell the banquet manager there was 32 tables as we were setting up.  Even though we had finalized it and said it a million times.  she went home.  and the banquet manager refused to do anything unless she called in and okay.  Great!  The night before my wedding and I only have 30 tables.  where are the other 20 people going to sit? The BM continues to tell me 30 tables is the maximum anyways.

I swear that night i was ready to make a scene that would cost me a highlighted spot on Vancouver Sun the next day.  And not in a good way.

A hour later …lucy calls me on my cell phone (WOW.  SHE FINALLY SAVED IT.) I didn’t even want to hear her voice so i passed it to my husband and apparently she told the BM now..and we have 32 tables.  but o yay – now my floor plan is screwd up because they had to redo table numbers…with whatever policy they have.  so all my guests were mixed up and i had to waste a hour doing the tables.

Sorry – I’m not a great writer but seriously.  FUTURE BRIDES.  Be warned …this Lucy girl is really annoying and gives you extra work and crap to deal with. 

Thankfully – my wedding turned out great because I had so much help from friends and family.  I did see Lucy that night but harshed ignored her even when she said something to me.  YOU JUST CAN’T DO THAT TO PEOPLE.  especially your customers who paid so much.

OH – the operations manager was awesome.  He actually did something – isn’t that crazy?  He has a lower position than the GM.  But he was able to compensate free pop, and 90 bottles of wine which we originally paid for.  That really calmed me down – it’s not that I ‘m asking for free stuff. But seriously, you are a big hotel chain.  Deal with the consequences if your workers made a mistake.  I will call him “Peter”.  THANK YOU PETER.

The end of my LONG – LONG – RANT!

PS ** names were changed in this entry.


5 thoughts on “My final rant about EBO restaurant. Actually sorry… it’s actually really about Burnaby Delta Hotel (Review)

  1. MissVancouverPiggy

    Wow. Weren’t there any contracts? I would’ve got my lawyer involved, this is ridiculous. This is embarrassing and pathetic, I wish you went all bride crazy and got in the Vancouver Sun haha. Half a year goes by so fast, especially when they kept messing up and I cannot imagine the stress you went through!

    • ivancouver604

      Yes! There were contracts – I even had to bring out my first contract with them to the new girl for her to TAKE NOTES. She didn’t even do her follow up with my files.
      Ridiculous! Just be careful if any of your friends decide to go to grand villa for their wedding.

      That girl is NOT smart.

  2. gish

    I would suggest a formal written complaint so that it is on file… in case it happens again to another bride or client. so sorry to hear about your ordeal. weddings are a stressful and you don’t need people like lucy to push you to that breaking point!

    • ivancouver604

      I tried to go through a few of the “heads” and they really don’t care I think. as long as they are getting money. So that’s why i published it on the net – hopefully brides will see it before they make a decision!

      It’s almost impossible to get a hold of the regional manager. you have to go through many, many, people. I’m just glad my wedding was okay in the very end 😉

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