EBO Restaurant and Wedding Buffet (Burnaby) – MEH. Part I the food itself.

EBO Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Ebo ebo 1 ebo 2 ebo 3 ebo 4 ebo 5 ebo 6 ebo 7 ebo 8 ebo 9 ebo 10 ebo 11

Okay fine.  it’s not that bad here.  I think I’m just biase and really choked with the catering manager and how unprofessional she was.  OH and the general manager is a joke too.  Read part II

The food is generally pretty good, probably also because it has to live up to standards between a big name hotel (Delta) and the Grand Villa Casino.  The decor and atmosphere is very modern and could also pass as a lounge (if you are looking to get drinks after a few dices at the casino) :p  The staff, host, and chefs are friendly and smiley! During our wedding, we had the seafood buffet and it was EXCELLENT.  The portions for 300+ people and the quality, and taste was perfect and many, if not…all our guests complimented how pleased they were with the food selection.  I don’t have any pics of the buffet on me but…maybe the photographer took some (haven’t got my pics yet !)

Final verdict?  I probably won’t come back here unless someone drags me.  I just think I had soooo much shit to deal with during my wedding plans here that this place is just…  ridiculous.  EVEN the casino staff were ridiculous.  again… must read my future Part II post


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