Chop Steakhouse (Richmond) – YAY!

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I like this place alot!  Whether it be just for casual drinks (the lemon raspberry sorbet drink is amazing, and their Caesar cocktail!) or a big piece of quality prime rib – Chop is the place to go.  I’m not a big meat eater, but compared to Gotham’s, the Keg, Black and Blue, and Hy’s (all known for their meat) – Chop’s prime rib is the best.  YUM YUM YUM.

Obviously one is too big for me, so if you are not a crazy meat eater, I suggest you share it and maybe call a few appy’s to share with your friends.  Everything else on the menu is not bad, but for me, only the meat was memorable.  AND the lemon raspberry sorbet cocktail !

Service is also great – oh!  And there is two parts of Chop – a restaurant side, and lounge side.  There are also a few private rooms for medium to large size parties.  Be sure to book ahead if you want something more private.  The decor and layout of the lounge and washroom is very modern and chic.  Chop is definitely also on the $$$ side so just a heads up 🙂  And don’t order fish here, both times I came, both times came out DRY.  This place is just known for its meat I guess!

Final verdict?  I will be going there for drinks, and whenever I have a crave for a nice juicy piece of prime rib!


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