Scorpio ‘s M Dessert (Crystal Mall, Burnaby) – NAY ! NAY ! NAY!

 photo 1photo 3photo 2

I CAN’T EVEN FIND THIS PLACE IN URBANSPOON.  Well, maybe cause it’s newer.  Or maybe it’s just not for normal human beings to eat. I can see children lovin this place.  My friend and I was really excited about this place because we have been waiting for a hk chinese dessert place to open.  I happened to be at Crystal Mall getting my computer fixed and went here to wait.  IT’S NOT EVEN OPENED BY HONG KONG PEOPLE.  But too late, I already sat down.  It was served in a kid like plastic bowl and then the soup base tasted like…sugar, water, and a tad bit of milk.  Kinda like the milk leftover after you finished your cereal in the morning.  Grass Jelly was straight up cut from the can.  Mangoes, I must give props that it was sweet. Canned or not, I’m not sure because it was super diced up.  Ice cream was the best thing and masked the whole dishes taste.

final verdict – THIS place is going to shut down soon unless they change their whole ingredients list. Don’t bother!


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