Koji FIX Eyelash Glue in “Black” (Review)

  photo 1140koji_Eyelash_fix_02photo 2

I always use black eyelash glue – ALWAYS.  I don’t know, I just think it blends in with my eyeliner better because sometimes white and transparent glue can still give a dried up white glue after a day out.  I ‘ve use Koji Black FIX for 4 years now and I love the texture and how sticky it is.  My falsies never come off !  You can buy this at sasa – for only a few dollars.


So yes – if you are looking for a good glue. This is it 🙂

Oh! If you are looking for a helpful glue just in case the ends of your falsies begin to fall off – use this.  You won’t have to take off the entire eyelash – just fill the areas that are coming off 😉  The brush is so thin!



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